Mein Name ist Saskia und ich bin eine 18 jährige Abiturientin, welche in der 11. Klasse ein Jahr im Ausland verbracht hat. Dieser Blog galt urprünglich diesem Jahr, um alle möglichen Eindrücke festzuhalten. Mittlerweile ist diese Zeit aber auch schon wieder mehr als ein Jahr vorbei und ich befinde mich mitten im 12. Klasse Abi Stress. Da mein Hobby der Fotografie in letzter Zeit etwas zu kurz gekommen ist, wie ich finde habe ich beschlossen, diesen lange Zeit eingestaubten Blog wieder aufzunehmen. Ich werde erneut aus meinem Leben und über dieses und andere meiner Hobbies posten. Die Seite ist auf Pinterest verlinkt. Ihr seit also herzlich eingeladen, mir dort zu followen. Falls ihr bis jetzt noch keine Ahnung habt, was Pinterest überhaupt ist, solltet ihr auf jeden Fall mal vorbei schauen Es lohnt sich ;)




Today we went out with the boat in lake. It was the first tubbing, I had ever been doing. But it's great fun! I had to scream all the time!

Later, in the evening we gilled on the boat for supper (yeah we made that on the boat). After a great family day, I just felt good and looked forward to the next day! :) My hostfamily is really friendly and funny. Until now everything is fine!


After a Pancake-Breakfast, we went to a parade, where my sister had to be, because she is the queen of Cumberland. I took some pictures, but I couldn't really enjoy because this day was a really hot one, arround 90 degrees and so you just staying busy in drinking the whole time water and searching for some shadow places. :D Nevertheless, my hostsister had have a harder job: Stay smiling and winking to everyone!

We went back home and then going to buy some school stuff, like folders and pencils. After shopping, my hostsisters and hostmom were hungry and we stopped at a taco fastfood restaurant (sorry, I forgot about the name...) I"ve hated this kind of food, because they haven't even something without meat or cheese and it's so unhealthy. It's just: Eeeeaahrr! ;O

But the day should develope into a better one... We came home again and Tayla (my younger sister) and me wanted to drive the jetski!! My first time drinving the jetski! :D And I drove on myself, it was just fun and feels like flying over the water *__* I think, that made me and my sister staying closer together. I'm glad about that.

In the evening, I tried to make supper for my hostfamily. I made some fresh vegetables in the pan with noddles and chicken. Because I mixed all together, they asked me: "So in Germany you eat a lot of chinese food?" I just had to laugh about it. Yeah I had to answer a lot of funny questions like: "Do you have snow in Germany?" or "Do you know fishes in Germany?" My hostfamily didn't even know Angela Merkel, through I do know who Barack Obama is... :D


It's Labor day, so I count it to the week-end blogarticle.

In the morning and around 1 pm I have skyped the first time with my parents and my little brother *__* I'm so glad, that I could even forget about they were able to see me, but I was just pobserving a black screen... ;D I have to figure it out how it works with my camera...

Today was a sunny day, too, so we went out in the lake. My hostparents asked me if I wanted to try wakeboarding and I just said: "Yes!" I already had tried wakeboarding at a station with my family. But just fell everytime in the water :-D This day I should be successful. After the second trial I figured it out and wakeboarded on both sides. It was so much fun!! :) I look forward to the next time I can do it.

At night we made a fire at home and grilled some mashmallows. They told about eating it with chocolate and cookies, but I forgot the special name for it. (@Wanda: that's the thing you wanted to show me at home ;D that's funny)

We were talking about many things, like why they wanted to host a german exchange student and about both familys a.s.o. . That was very nice and the longer I'm staying here the better I feel...


I'm actually fine,

your Sassi

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    Bernd Klose (Dienstag, 04 September 2012 17:13)

    Hey Sassi, immer wieder tolle Neuigkeiten von Dir. Wir freuen uns sehr, dass alles so gut läuft und Du zufrieden und glücklich bist.Viel Erfolg und Spass dann in der Schule.
    LG Bernd

  • #2

    Wanda (Mittwoch, 05 September 2012 16:38)

    Hab ich ja gesagt, so schmeckt es viel besser! XD

    Cool, dass du so eine nette Gastfamilie erwischt hast!
    Ich wünsch dir auf jeden Fall noch ganz viel Spaß, halt uns weiter auf dem Laufenden!

    P.S.: 90° ist doch noch gar nichts, wir hatten 118° XD

  • #3

    Jessi (Donnerstag, 06 September 2012)

    yeah so congratulation to your successful day ;D nice to hear or better to say read so many good things, hope you'll have a great time tho :)