Mein Name ist Saskia und ich bin eine 18 jährige Abiturientin, welche in der 11. Klasse ein Jahr im Ausland verbracht hat. Dieser Blog galt urprünglich diesem Jahr, um alle möglichen Eindrücke festzuhalten. Mittlerweile ist diese Zeit aber auch schon wieder mehr als ein Jahr vorbei und ich befinde mich mitten im 12. Klasse Abi Stress. Da mein Hobby der Fotografie in letzter Zeit etwas zu kurz gekommen ist, wie ich finde habe ich beschlossen, diesen lange Zeit eingestaubten Blog wieder aufzunehmen. Ich werde erneut aus meinem Leben und über dieses und andere meiner Hobbies posten. Die Seite ist auf Pinterest verlinkt. Ihr seit also herzlich eingeladen, mir dort zu followen. Falls ihr bis jetzt noch keine Ahnung habt, was Pinterest überhaupt ist, solltet ihr auf jeden Fall mal vorbei schauen Es lohnt sich ;)


Successful week-end

This week-end our high school (Cumberland/ WI) has been really successful in football and schoolband. On Friday our football varsity team won the conference chip and on Saturday our school marching band together with the colorguard won the State band competition.My hostsister Bri, who is a senior this year, has been very sad because it was her last band competition ever. She and some other girls cried after it... so emotional! :)

um euch colorguard mal zu veranschaulichen ;)
um euch colorguard mal zu veranschaulichen ;)

After the football game on Friday we all woke up really early (6 am) to go down to State. It took us 5 hours to get there. But it was acceptable, sitting all the time in the car because it rained, rained and rained. On the way, we stopped once at a shopping mall. And actually I wanted to buy MANY winter-clothes but my credit card didn't work :O And the jeans I'd found were perfect!!! (2 Levi's Jeans each for 30$!!!) I mean: "WHY?" They told me I can also buy it on the internet... How ever I just tried it at home and they've had only the "extra large" size! >.<'

So we finally arrived at 4 o'clock pm at the collage. I can say collages are HUGE. They've got a whole stadium inside and a fitness center (2 etages) and so on...  Yeah America supports its schools and collages. But you also have to pay much money for collage education. For example: my hostsister is going to apply for a collage, which costs 20,000 $ / year and she'll be there for five years, which means 100,000$ for everthing. Excuse me? I think education should not cost so much, it should be based on your performances and achievements in your former life, not on how much money you earn.

To come back to the band show... :D Everything happened in the "inside" stadium 'cause of the rain outside. But the cold it was outside the hot it was inside. I felt bad for the marching band members, who had to wear these longleaves costums. Nevertheless the shows were awesome and I think our schoolband never did better! We also won the competition with 6 points(!) distance to the second place, which is not very much...

Yeah and after the judgement we just drove back. It's unbelievable, that so many parents and other students from Cumberland came to support the band. I mean it was a 10 hour ride and a 2 hour show. I'm sure nobody would do that in Germany :D

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