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High School Life

I wanted to write an article for you about my usual schoolday and differences between german and american schools. I there are any prefenrences about what I shall include/ you are interested in, JUST SAY IT! :)

1. Teacher

The teachers here (or at least the ones I have) are really relaxed, which shouldn't mean, tht they are not good in teaching their subject. In my opinion, it's just pleasant when a teacher is smiling on you and likes his work. Another difference to Germany is the average of the age. If you are older than 40 years here, you are "very old" as a teacher. I bet in my german school most of my teachers are older than 50 years, and if not they're automatically "young".

2. Tests and homework

Multiple-choice tests? Some. Yes, a few. There have been also many ones in which you had to write essays and answer in whole sentences. But overall, tests in american high school are much easier than back home. A thing you will never see in my german school is a "Pre-test" (Previous). That's a check up for everybody, which you write before the actual test to see how good you are. But it's even funnier, that the test is roughly similar to the pre-test :D. So the only subject, where I a little struggle is English, but that might change after some time...

3. Classes and between them

I could choose my classes before the school year began. There are 7 hours, so you are able to choose 7 different classes. Because of that you don't have every class with the same people, they're noteven in the same grade as you. At one site I think is optional 'cause you are able to get to know student, who are not in your class. That makes the school being a better communtity in my opinion. But on the other site, it might be so good, that you can choose your classes. It makes some student to have not every year biology or phisics, which we have to do in Germany. That's why I think our school system is in many part more senseful and works better.

Our breaks between classes are literally too short. We have 3 minutes to get from one class to the next and in between you have to open your locker to grab your books and sometimes it doesn't open...! But do never come too late (even 3 seconds are too late), otherwise if you are 5 times not in the classroom when the bell rings you're not allowed to join your sports practice. So if you must go to the bathroom, do never do it in between classes because there is too little time... :D

4. Absolving a year

Absolving a year, that's very funny :) because you don't have to have good grades in important classes like Math or English. If you are worse than C- you just redo this class in the next year, but you are still going to be in an higher grade (except the senior year).

Classes here (like English, Math, History and Science) are stagered in their requirements. So if you're a freshman  it is recommandable to start with simplier classes because they are based on each other.

I chose many high-level classes and especially in Precalculus Trigonometry (math) that was a good choice.

5. Working

In my school we are working a lot with the computer and white boards. I'm sure they wouldn't know what to do in class without the laptops or the Internet. Our school is working with an online page called "edmodo", where every student must sign in and watch what their teachers are posting (usually homework). Bigger homework must be turned in on this page and should be never handwritten!! 

I think I have never worked so much wih Powerpoint before. The thing was, that when the teacher said: "Create a Powerpoint" I interpretated too much effort in the presentations. And was also wondering about how everybody can be done after two working hours?! Then I saw the results of the other students and most of them didn't do even an acceptable Powerpoint. Of course there were also some better ones; but to conclude, the presentations didn't make a lot of sense for most of our class. You didn't learn anything :D

A subject, which is kind of challenging is Anatomy/ Physiology. It's not the context we are learning (the last topic was "Diffusion/ Osmosis"), there are just so many words, I've never heard before. An example: "Digestive System" And you cannot tell me, that you immediatly knew, what that is ;) So I have in this class an B+ but I think I can live with that. I'm always reminding myself, that as long as I'm better than C, nothing matters. 


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