Mein Name ist Saskia und ich bin eine 18 jährige Abiturientin, welche in der 11. Klasse ein Jahr im Ausland verbracht hat. Dieser Blog galt urprünglich diesem Jahr, um alle möglichen Eindrücke festzuhalten. Mittlerweile ist diese Zeit aber auch schon wieder mehr als ein Jahr vorbei und ich befinde mich mitten im 12. Klasse Abi Stress. Da mein Hobby der Fotografie in letzter Zeit etwas zu kurz gekommen ist, wie ich finde habe ich beschlossen, diesen lange Zeit eingestaubten Blog wieder aufzunehmen. Ich werde erneut aus meinem Leben und über dieses und andere meiner Hobbies posten. Die Seite ist auf Pinterest verlinkt. Ihr seit also herzlich eingeladen, mir dort zu followen. Falls ihr bis jetzt noch keine Ahnung habt, was Pinterest überhaupt ist, solltet ihr auf jeden Fall mal vorbei schauen Es lohnt sich ;)


Sweet sweater!!

I made a list to remember what I wanted to write my article about, because I didn't have any time or patient to write the whole article. That's the list:

  1. Christmas concert
  2. Christmas dance performance
  3. Baking weekend
  4. Ugly Christmas sweater
  5. Rats and their inside
  6. World is ending?!

Let's start with the first big point; the christmas concert in our high school. We had to put it ith the Band Christmas concet together, because of the snow day the week before. There two different choirs, concert and chamber choir. I'm in concert choir and we sang 4 different songs. Chamber choir is on a little higher level and they were singing, I think 9 songs and it was really good. It was much fun and we had to wear those long "Harry Potter"-robes. I was more nervous to fall over this robe than to mess up a song actually :D 

The following day we had our first Christmas dance performance and I or everybody in our team was very nervous. We had only four days to learn this one. Compared to the other one with more than three weeks, was it more pressure. And I can say: The performance we had this day was a mess. The one we had two days later was way better. The outfit was matched with Chrismas: Ugly Christmas sweaters with a Christmas hat and black leggings. Ugly Christmas sweaters? Yap. That's my next point... 

So, here it is kind of a tradition to wear an sweater with Christmas prints on it to Christmas. The uglier they are the better. You can find good ones for only a few money at second hand stores or you go to your grandma and ask her for "pretty" Christmas sweaters she can borough you ;)

I like this trend to Chirstmas and had to get for me, too. I got mine at "Goodwill" a second hand store so it is a little (only 4 sizes ) too big :D The last day before Christmas break, our school makes a "Ugly Christmas sweater - competition" and everybody is going to wear them, even the teachers. 

Oh! I jumped over one point; the baking weekend. Yeah... that was 10 hours baking at all with the result of  Vanille Kipferl, Plaetzchen, Schoko Crossies and Zimtsterne. I baked them with Ida at her house together and it just took us so long because we had to bake firstly four times as much as usually and secondly we needed super small chopped almonds and hazelnuts. A thing, America seemed to does not have; so we had to meal them on our own. Uff. I couldn't see any cookies or recipies anymore after this event. For what reason did we do that? It should be a part of the Christmas gifts for my host family; I hope they like it, because it was much work! :D

Okay. This kinda stays out: Our rat lab project in Physiology/Anatomy. We had to disect a white, dead rat and label all its outer and inner parts. We just got done this week and had have a practical and theoretical test. The weirdest hing was two of the lab rats of our class were pregnant. One had babys good two cm big and you could see the tail, eyes, nose, everything. Even claws were labelable... At first I was sure my own rat was pregnant, too because of its volume. It  turned out, that the reason for this was: Our rat is simply a fat rat ! Sounds funny is actually extras work. We had to remove everything  because otherwise we couldn't label the things, surrounded by fat.

Well, we worked two weeks on the rat disection and after these two weeks I was glad to be done. I couldn't smell this weird smell of what ever mixed with dead rat...


Lastly I wanted to ask you, if you are scared because of the world is supposed to end on Dec the 21th. Our schooll has by the way a talent show on this day. 


So I hope I can see everybody in Germany again befor the world is ending and I see you on my Christmas article again!! :D

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