Mein Name ist Saskia und ich bin eine 18 jährige Abiturientin, welche in der 11. Klasse ein Jahr im Ausland verbracht hat. Dieser Blog galt urprünglich diesem Jahr, um alle möglichen Eindrücke festzuhalten. Mittlerweile ist diese Zeit aber auch schon wieder mehr als ein Jahr vorbei und ich befinde mich mitten im 12. Klasse Abi Stress. Da mein Hobby der Fotografie in letzter Zeit etwas zu kurz gekommen ist, wie ich finde habe ich beschlossen, diesen lange Zeit eingestaubten Blog wieder aufzunehmen. Ich werde erneut aus meinem Leben und über dieses und andere meiner Hobbies posten. Die Seite ist auf Pinterest verlinkt. Ihr seit also herzlich eingeladen, mir dort zu followen. Falls ihr bis jetzt noch keine Ahnung habt, was Pinterest überhaupt ist, solltet ihr auf jeden Fall mal vorbei schauen Es lohnt sich ;)


Too many things happened...

To start this BIG entry I have to tell you (before I forget about it again), that my mom and dad had have a big surprise for me in the beginning of January... They were booking two flights in May to come for my graduation and stay here for one week! Isn't it great?! Before I was a little upset, that they could come (Yeah, flying by plane is not the cheapest thing in the world...) but now, I'm super happy and can't wait tothe day they are standing in front of my hostfamily's door. It'll be awesome!!

Well... to continue with my main article: Exactly eleven days went by since I wrote the last one and I have to put many things down, before I forget them. It is obviously the first article of the second semester in high school. Yap you read right: SECOND semester!! And by that Tabea, one German girl of our exchange students gang had to leave. She actually just left yesterday :( It's kind of weird because a part of me knows, that I will probably not see her that fast again and tomorrow, their is one friend less in school... Saying good bye on Thursday was also kind of hard. We just had studyhall and than Tabea had to leave. Five month is along time? Nope, five month is nothing and 10 month is just nothing times 2. 

Okay, let's get to the more happy part of this article ;) We had our semester Finals, which aren't any sport competitions (Mama! :D) ... no they're the final big tests of the semester. You are probably thinking: "Why are tests happy?" They aren't; the happy part is, that they are over! And because I'm luckily in the 12th grade I don't have to take any of them in the second semester :D Yuhuu!! The only day I actually studied for them was the day before my Anatomy, Precalc and English Final. But everything on one evening :) 

Let's say: You can't compare it with German FINALS, which are three to five hours and don't include any multiple choice tests :D Just saying... Hope it's not going to be that hard next school year :O


This last week-end after the finals was a long one because we got Friday off :) And it wasn't only a normal sleep in -school off day; we (Ida, Jessi and Ida's host brother Michael) went with Ida's hostmom to the cities to go to the Mall of America. My first actual time in this gigantic mall. Did I already tell you, that there is a fun parc in the middle of the mall? Yes; bigger than a Christmas market in Berlin :D 

We spent 8 hours in the mall and my feet were done with walking after this shopping event. We ate Fozen Yoghurt, which was very yummy (with an "u" Jessi ;D)  Of course they have more than one Frozen Yoghurt store in this mall. I found 4 different ones, but the best one is definitely in the third level on the food court ;) Next time there! The bad side on having every store you like in one mall is: You spend too much money. I bought soooo much clothes. And I love thm all; so no waste and I think I don't get that fast again in this mall...

I spent the night in a hotel near to the MoA and the airport, where my hostfamily stayed over the night because they were invited to a concert. Me and Tayla had the enire hotel room for us alone (until my host parents came back) And what is better than having Pizza and TV in the evening after a loooooong shopping tour? ;)

On the next day we went to the Winter Carneval parade in Saint Paul to watch my other hostsister Bri waving at the peole on the sidewalks. Many people were watching it, although it was pretty cold outside. We were buying hot chocolate to make it a little bit warmer but I was done with my after 5 minutes so it kept me only warm from the inside :D 

The parade was actualy more spreading of advertisement than carneval with costums. The best costumes I could see were the clowns and the best candy they gave to us were the fortune cookies with chocolate around it :P It was nevertheless fun!

Going back to the car we were kind of frozen everywhere and had to get warm  in the car at first. We went eating at an australian restaurant, which was pretty close to the restaurant I went for dinner when I first met my hostfamily :D

Well... the food was good but after two days in Minneapolis you look forward to go home again. So this was my MALL OF AMERICA  week-end and the week of finals. Next week the second semester is starting and I look forward to my new schedule ;)

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