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From Native Americans to Track

And another week is over since I wrote the last article. I just don't find the time to write something but there so much to write about actually...

So this week we worked hard on our dances for the jazz concert next week. On Tuesday we had even half the day off school from chamber choir to practice the dances for three hours. It was fun you just get sick after a while of dancing the same dance over and over especiall in poodle skirts and to tight belts ;) I am pretty sure that the concert is going to be a success. The band is anyway good and we try oour best to give saticefiing performances. I hope I find some body taking pictures of it so I can show you our nice outfits ;D

So Tuesday will be a busy day. First the concert for the school, then track practice, showering plus getting ready and finally the jazz concert for the community. I am excited!

To finally come to my heading: Native Americans. I guess you all know what Native Americans are (or I hope so). We have a couple of students in our school, who have a native origin. We also have a reservation in our town, where only Native Americans live, which I think is little rasistic but how I found out, the Natives want it this way. By the way, Native Americans have a special rang in America. Because American people took over their land hundrets of years ago, they children (the NAs of today) still get money from the state, so that they don't even have to work. If they graduate, they even get more money and get also supportion if they want to study. Most of them don't do it, though and it's not even a normal case of absolving 12 years of school.

So the actual reason, I gave you all this information is, that the Natives of our community were giving a little show on Friday during 6th hour. They wore costumes with fethers and everything, how you imagine an Indian to be :D They were playing the drums, singing to it in their language and also dancing in a special(-weird) style to it. The head man of them was talking and introducing us (the white people) a little in their traditions. I think it was interesting but weird at the same time. I was shocked actually by the number of obese people in their clan. Even young kids were kind of like balls :( Why do parents not see, when their kids are too fat?
this is not my picture but this is kind of how it looked like

The first three weeks of track are over and our first meet came right away on Saturday March 23 in Menomonie (or Staout). It started at 9 am, which meant to be ready at school at 6:30 in the morning. Jesus! I can tell you guys how tired I was... Luckily I could get some coffee before I got to the school :) So waking up was a little bit easier...

When we arrived at the college, where the indoor meet was, they gave us a huge room to put our stuff in and to practice in. It looked like a small seperated gym to discribe it in adifferent way. It came out, that we had to share our small gym with two other schools, so there was not a lot space left...

After everybody got changed it was kind o more hectic because more and more schools arrived and it was just super full the whole time. Overall, we had sixteen schools in the hall with audience... 

Things I didn't like of the fact being inside are: it gets crowded, you don't really know were to go, because of the disciplines, which need sand like long jump, the air is extra-dry and it contains already a smaller amount of oxygen! The thing I liked: You didn't ge cold and you had a room for you team and where you could sleep. Yeah, some people actually slept during the meet or napped. Included me :D



For this meet I was running two rallies (4 by 2 and 4 by 4) and the 1600 meter. The first thing I did was the mile and I when I saw the girls from the other schools, I already knew that I'm not gonna be one of the first three. My coaches had been very optimistic in estimating me on the second rang of everybody in the mile. The was fired and five of the 14 girls literally started to sprint and I just thought: If I am supposed to hold my speed like this, either my lungs or my legs are going to die on the way. In the end I got over the finish line with a good speed of 6:41 minutes, which was the best time I had since track started, so I can't be unhappy with myself. Even if I got only rang 14 of 27 girls (one girl lapped me on the last 10 meters... how depressing is that, isn't it?) 

I don't know why, but I was really done for the day. I was just so tired and then I remembered that I still had to run two rallies. THe first one was fun actually but the last one was more like a run to the "Leave me out of here!" finish line :D  - So track meet... Fun, fun, fun and exhausting!!

By the way, the Sunday after it I didn't even walk half a mile ;D


Love you guys!

& Keep reading my blog ;P


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