Mein Name ist Saskia und ich bin eine 18 jährige Abiturientin, welche in der 11. Klasse ein Jahr im Ausland verbracht hat. Dieser Blog galt urprünglich diesem Jahr, um alle möglichen Eindrücke festzuhalten. Mittlerweile ist diese Zeit aber auch schon wieder mehr als ein Jahr vorbei und ich befinde mich mitten im 12. Klasse Abi Stress. Da mein Hobby der Fotografie in letzter Zeit etwas zu kurz gekommen ist, wie ich finde habe ich beschlossen, diesen lange Zeit eingestaubten Blog wieder aufzunehmen. Ich werde erneut aus meinem Leben und über dieses und andere meiner Hobbies posten. Die Seite ist auf Pinterest verlinkt. Ihr seit also herzlich eingeladen, mir dort zu followen. Falls ihr bis jetzt noch keine Ahnung habt, was Pinterest überhaupt ist, solltet ihr auf jeden Fall mal vorbei schauen Es lohnt sich ;)


And there was PROM...

How could I not write an article about the biggest event of the year?! I just can't! Last week-end we finally had prom (April 6th), which is a very early date for this event because school ends in the beginning of June here and usually they have it end of April or even in May. But anyway... the week before I finally got my shoes I was going to wear for pictures and so on. Because I didn't wear high heels for homecoming I was like: Then I should wear some for prom... and so I bought shoes with at least 4 inches of heels. Maybe not the best idea how I should later realize... 

Here, the most important thing for you probably, the prom pictures. And seriously, our Prom was definitely 50% picture taking, which is fun but also stressful. I kind of had the feeling of a frozen smile on my mouth :D


My Prom date was luckily also a friend I went with together, which makes it sooo much less awkward and so much more fun. We went in group of I think seven people to Walmart to take pictures. Walmart? Yeah Walmart and it was a genious idea... not only we had fun taking pictures sourrounded by toys and other stuff also the people there had something to watch and were smiling, when they saw us :) Until one crabby woman, working there "called the management" and told us to leave the building because we can't take pictures in their :O 

Other staff from Walmart even took the pictures for us, so... No comment on that :D But it didn't really matter, because we already had our pictures... 

After that we went to a café for dinner and almost left too late to be punctually there for the prom's grand march.

The "Grand March" was in the beginning an announcement of the couples or friends going together to prom. It was really cute decorated. You went through a trail of light strings and in the end you went through a pavilion also decorated with many lightstrings and then you had to stop in front of the bleachers for all the spectators (family and friends) to take pictures. In the end the, the last announced couples was the prom court. I think we had five or six boys and girls on the prom court, selected by the junior class. The excitement was big because now it was time to crown the new prom queen and king. After this was ending in the Harlem Shake, we could finally start to dance :)


The whole Prom dance did go until 11pm, which is not enough in my opinion but it was okay :) The dance was kind of like homecoming just with longer dresses and more decoration. After Prom there was the so-called "Post-Prom"., where they had a "Las Vegas game night". You could go change in comfortable clothes and go there. I would have gone, if it was only for 2 or 3 hours, but it went until 6 am and you HAD TO stay. So I decided to better go to a friend in a group. We were watching movies and slept at his house. 

All in all I have to say: Prom is probably such a big event here for everyone, becaue of the dresses and the party, they never really have here. In Germany we do that more than twice in a year and independently from school. I feel like prom is the only chance for some students here to finally party. I don't know if it just seems like that to me but that's how it was for me :D I mean... there are no discos here or something like that xD 

I had really fun in buying my dress, trying so many pretty dresses on, although they were way too expensive for me but just to see yourself in somehinglike that is an amazing feeling. So I think our school should at least have something like this inthe end of the year. It'll be an awesome ending ;)

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